The HBO GO Video Library Is A Brand New Application For LG TVs

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The subscriber gets the same HBO GO content as in the original application but in a significantly more modern coat. It has a unified appearance with desktop and mobile versions. It is interesting to see how the people of Czech Republic will perceive this app.

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LG Electronics, a South Korean company, released a completely new HBO GO video application for its customers in the Czech Republic for its LG Content Store a few weeks ago, which can be used on TVs of the manufacturer.

The portal editors have it available in the UHD model from 2017. The application brings not only the changed form of the whole portal but also the control. One sentence can be said to have come closer to mobile or desktop form. The menu items Home, Serials, Movies, and Kids are also the same.

The new app’s home screen is animated, so the titles that the premium channel operator attracts automatically move from left to right. Immediately afterward, the subscriber sees which titles are blasted. In this section, as in other categories, buttons on the remote control can be used.

At which stage the viewer is located, determine the blue line that is part of the preview image. The opening menu also includes Favorites, News, Most Watched, Top Rated on IMDb, Drama, Comedy, Disney, Action, Documentary, Last Chance and Soon.

The opening menu has become more transparent and the viewer feels he is getting a rich choice on one of the most attractive platforms available on the market. However, when I used the splash screen, it happened to me a few times that when I came to the end of the lineup, the remote did not work.

This was not the case, however, because the batteries were not discharged. He responded to other instructions without any problems. The whole problem had to be resolved by leaving the application for example by choosing another application and then returning to HBO GO.

If you select a title in the menu, you will see its full-screen preview. It took some time for me to get used to the new app, but the new look is significantly better than the previous one. Within each title available on HBO GO, users can play them, add them to favorites, or rate them. If it is a serial, there is also a series button.

Users will also find recommended titles that are an alternative to the currently selected slide. In the case of Collateral with Tom Cruise, for example, these were pictures like the Galaxy, Avatar or Thor: Ragnarok. What they have in common with this movie, I do not know.

The application is common to all markets where HBO GO operates. You can get it either by subscribing to HBO or on a stand-alone basis, without the need to be bound to a premium channel, like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video. During the initial installation, the application asks you what you want to select a region. Greater variability is also the Kids section for children, where you can choose what content will appear on the screen according to the age of your kids. This category has its own color shade and is de facto a separate portal within HBO GO.

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