The Manual For Implementing VoiceView Screen Reader On Echo Show

All Echo Show users can use VoiceView screen reader to read out the titles they will touch on their device screen. But many users are not aware of using it thus here we will learn the gestures for enabling it. 

Using the Amazon Echo can become more interactive if we start using its VoiceView screen reader feature. Enabling this option will begin reading every text you will touch on your Echo Show’s screen. It is used to notify you about each action that is being performed on your device screen.  So considering this as a part of important features of Amazon echo we should know to make use of this option.

Users can implement VoiceView in two of the following listed ways:

  • Press long the Mic or Camera option that is present at the top left side of your device’s screen. Hold down these options unless you hear a notifying sound. After hearing the alert hover your two fingers on its home screen and let it remain as it is for at least five seconds.
  • Speak up to your device asking it to “Open the settings menu.” If you don’t want to use voice commands, then swipe down the screen of your Amazon Echo Show and click on the icon for settings. Go to the option for “Accessibility” and open VoiceView screen reader. Now click on VoiceView.

VoiceView settings can be changed from User preferences also.  First of all, make sure the VoiceView settings are On. Once it is confirmed that it is ON, then you can alter the function from the settings menu. For this, you should say “Open the settings menu” or just swipe down the screen of your Amazon Echo show. Centralize your focus to the settings menu and double click for enabling it.  Now go to accessibility and double-click on VoiceView Screen Reader to view the settings options for personalizing it. If ever you face any issue while turning On this feature then immediately get Amazon Echo Support for fixing it.

VoiceView feature comes with five setting options through which the users can give a somewhat personal touch to it. These setting features included with it are Reading speed, Speech Volume, Sounds Volume, Key Echo, and Punctuation Level. For more detailed view of these settings option, please refer to the following points:

  • Reading Speed: This option is used to vary the speech rate of VoiceView search. So Set it according to your priority levels.
  • Speech Volume: It is used to vary the volume levels of VoiceView search. For setting up the volume to its full for your Amazon Echo’s VoiceView, you should use “Match device volume” option.
  • Sounds Volume: It controls the volume of feedback tones related to your Echo’s VoiceView search. To set its volume to full, you should choose Match device volume as you did for Speech Volume.
  • Key Echo: It determines that which text needs to be read aloud at times the text is being entered. Few characters are set as the default one, so an Echo sound is produced to confirm their entry. These set of defaults can be changed by completing removing them or either keeps the character or words as a part of them.
  • Punctuation level: It defines a level of check to inspect the reading of punctuation marks in VoiceView.

So these were few simple steps to enable the VoiceView search and use its accessibility features for imparting it a personal touch to some extent. For more help, always reach out to Support for Amazon Echo where you will surely get the easiest procedure to address your Echo related concerns.

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