Toshiba 50-Inch 4K TV With Built-In Fire TV Is All Over The News!

The market for TV has become bigger than ever. With the arrival of more and more TV models, it is becoming difficult for people to zero down on the TV they want to buy. To make thing more difficult, there is a new 50-inch 4K TV arrived on the market, which is priced at #399.99.

But, this TV will not make things difficult because after seeing this TV, you will not look at any other model, as this will grab all your attention. The TV I’m talking about is Toshiba 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV that comes with HDR, and this TV comes with built-in Fire TV, so you don’t have to buy a streaming device additionally, as the TV itself is smart enough to play all your favorite content from different streaming apps.

In the nutshell, the TV looks spectacular, has an elegant display, HDR support, 4K resolution and Fire TV software that gives users the ability to stream their favorite movies and TV shows. But, I haven’t mentioned the best part about this TV, which is the three sizes it is available in three different sizes. If you want to buy 50-inch model, then you will have to shell out $399.99, which is quite less when compared with other TVs with the same features.

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Let us delve into the specifications of this TV in order to make it easier for you to understand what this TV has got.

  1. Toshiba 4K UHD Smart TV, which comes with Fire TV support. It is capable of delivering 4K Ultra HD picture quality with more than 8 million pixels for crisp clarity, rich contrast, and vivid colors.
  2. The inclusion of Fire TV in the TV from the factory will allow you to watch thousands of hours of digital content from hundreds of channels that are supported by Amazon Fire TV. Moreover, Alexa will be a part of the system as well, so in order to watch your favorite content, you don’t have to press buttons on the remote, but just give voice commands. This will be a new experience for you.
  3. The inclusion of Fire TV flawlessly integrates live over-the-air TV along with streaming apps on a single home screen, but you will require an HD antenna for that.
  4. You can control all the things on your TV via Alexa and the voice remote, thus making accessing TV an enjoyable thing.
  5. Talking about the dimensions of the TV, then it is 44.6 inches wide, 26.4 inches long and 3.7 inches deep. If you add a stand to the TV, then the dimensions change to 44.6 inches wide, 27.8 inches long and 10.7 inches deep.
  6. You will get multiple device input and output options in this TV, i.e., 3 HDMI ports with 1 USB, ARC, digital output (optical), composite input, cable/antenna output, Ethernet and audio output.

There is no doubt upon the fact that this TV is going to be a hit, not just among Toshiba TV fans, but also Amazon Fire TV fans. You can buy this TV from any online store at a reasonable price, i.e., $399.99. So, what are you waiting for, buy this TV and install it in your living room.

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