Toshiba Launched Three Amazon Fire TV Edition TV Sets

Toshiba has launched three TV sets that come with in-built Amazon Fire TV, so you need not have to install any other streaming box or stick to watch your favorite TV shows and movies. Check out more about these TV sets in the blog post below.

Toshiba, a Japanese Electronic products manufacturing company has launched a series of TV sets that come with built-in Amazon Fire TV. This is a completely new thing in the market, and it is quite obvious that this will sell like hotcakes. Toshiba made Amazon Fire TV Edition sets have already created enough hype all around the globe that once these TV sets are launched into the market, people are going to buy it without thinking too much. If you too are interested in buying this device, then it is available on You will have to pay $329 for this amazing TV set, and enjoy excellent programming that Amazon Fire TV has to offer.

Toshiba Fire TV Edition TVs are available on Amazon and Best Buy, so if you want to pre-order one of these, then you log onto any of these two ecommerce stores and book a TV. Toshiba has rolled out three models, which are 43 inches TV that costs $329, 50 inches TV that costs $399 and finally, 55 inches TV that costs $479.

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Now, you must be thinking as to how Amazon Fire TV is integrated into Toshiba TV sets, then let me tell you what has actually happened. In Toshiba TV sets, you will find Amazon Fire TV as the operating system, so these TVs are locked with Amazon Fire TV, and you won’t be able to use any other streaming devices or sticks with these TV sets. But, you will have the access to almost all the streaming services that you can possibly think of.

When it comes to the hardware of these devices, then you will get LED backlit TV with 4K UHD resolution in all the TV sets. Moreover, the resolution of each TV set is 3840×2160 with the refresh rate of 60Hz. There are two HDMI ports in each TV set, one HDMI-Arc Port, two USB 2.0 ports, optical audio out, antenna input, RCA audio out and an Ethernet jack (10x100MB).

Each TV set is accompanied with a smart remote control, which comprises of Alexa as well, so you can give the command to the remote control regarding what you want to watch on the TV. There are a number of dedicated service buttons given on the remote, so with a single press of a button, you can open PlayStation Vue, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and HBO.

If you want to install more applications, then you have got Amazon App Store for that. You can add as many apps as you like, and they all will run smoothly on Amazon Fire TV OS. If you want to book one of these TV sets, then you can do it by either going to Amazon or Best Buy website. The TV will be delivered to you by June 22nd, 2018. Everybody is waiting for these TVs to get launched because there aren’t too many TV sets that come with built-in streaming service, that too of the Amazon Fire TV caliber.

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