Use NVidia Shield TV To Its Full Potential by Fine-Tuning ‘Settings’ Menu

Setting up NVidia Shield TV is not the only thing that you will have to do before starting watching your favorite shows and movies. You will have to check the settings menu and enable certain settings in order to use the device to its full potential.

After setting up NVidia Shield TV, if you could take a look at the settings of this device instead of watching your favorite movies and TV shows, then that will be better. The default settings at times are not that great and need fine-tuning. In this blog post, we will be discussing this particular aspect of NVidia Shield TV because many users after installing and setting up this device for the first time straightaway go into the watching mode.

They should first identify the right settings because if you have got the right settings, then you can use the device to its full potential. The fine-tuning of the settings should be done before you begin with the installation of the apps and playing games on your NVidia Shield TV.

The settings menu is going to be similar to what you have found on smartphones or tablets, but there will be some fundamental differences as well. Below mentioned is the settings that you need to change before you begin using NVidia Shield TV. In order to go into the Menu, you need to make use of your ‘remote control’ to scroll to the bottom of the home screen followed by pressing ‘select’ option on the ‘settings’ icon.

Display & Sound

There are two settings in particular that are important in this menu. The first thing that you have to ensure is that the resolution is set to the highest supported output.

Then, click ‘power control’ followed by toggling the sliders corresponding to CEC TV On and CEC TV Off. You will be able to move to the right HDMI input channel after it identifies the NVidia Shield TV is being used.

You can also go into ‘advanced settings’ menu if you know what to do there. You are going to come across a few options as to how to adjust the over-scan of your screen, set up surround sound and takes a decision on whether you would like to disable the volume control of Shield or not.


Open the system menu followed by going to ‘processor mode’. Then, enable an option named ‘max performance’ because why should you use the underpowered optimized mode, when you can run the device on maximum performance.

Storage & Reset

When it comes to the most intriguing menu option, then it has to be this ‘storage and reset’. You can make use of this option to set up your device in order to access it over the local network. Moreover, you will be able to use network drives and increase the disk space of NVidia Shield TV by adding adoptable storage.

  1. To use your NVidia Shield TV over your network, go to ‘storage & reset’ option followed ‘shield storage access’ and finally, ‘over the local network’.
  2. Slide the toggle into ‘On’ position. You will get a username and password on the screen, which you can save for later use.
  3. In case, you are using a NAS drive, then you can get your NVidia Shield TV to recognize it by going to ‘settings’ option followed by ‘storage & reset’, then ‘shield storage access’ and finally ‘network storage’. With this, the device will automatically recognize the NAS drive. But, in case it doesn’t, then you need to choose ‘manually add network storage’ from the list of options.

These above-mentioned settings will make your experience a lot better because you will be using NVidia Shield TV to its full potential.

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