Want To Continue HBO Streaming Service On Your Device? Know Easy Steps To Renew Its Subscription

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Is Your HBO streaming service going to expire soon? If yes, then you can resume the service quite easily by subscribing to it again. Today, we are going to discuss the steps to renew HBO Go subscription. Basically, there are two ways to renew your HBO subscription. One way of doing it is by taking help of a smartphone with HBO app installed in it and the second way involves using a different service provider from the one that you have been using up till now. If you don’t know the exact renewal charges of HBO service, then you can check it online.

It is worth mentioning here that if you fall under the student category, then you can avail discount on Subscription. For this, you will have to enter your personal information to verify your occupation. Now, we are first going to discuss the steps to avail student discount:

  • Enter your first name in the field named ‘first name’. After this, enter the last name in the next field.
  • Type in your email address along with the password, which you have created earlier. If you are new to this service, then first create an ID on HBO. This will require your personal details. Enter those carefully.
  • You will be directed to ‘Terms and conditions’ page. Read all the terms carefully and click on box given next to ‘Agree’ option.
  • For Student discount, you can enter your college name, admission number or registration ID.
  • Click to verify the entered data.

If it successfully gets verified, then you can avail special discount on your subscription. For any problem or suggestion, you can visit HBO com link.

HBO subscription renewal using HBO app:

  • Launch app on your phone or tablet. If no HBO icon is available on the screen, then you need to check the support for device whether this particular device supports HBO app or not.
  • Log in to the account with old username and password. You must check the password carefully. It can be case-sensitive.
  • Once login, go to ‘Renew my subscription’ page and select the plan according to your choice and pocket whichever suits you the best. To get details about the plan, click on a particular plan.
  • After the plan gets selected, click ‘OK’ and close the window. Try streaming the content from HBO now on your TV.

How to use another service provider for renewal of HBO subscription?

  • Call at given service provider number and go to ‘Subscribe’ menu. Enter your user ID and password after this step.
  • Now select the plan and link it to your HBO account.

How to link from the computer: To link HBO subscription, open computer browser and go to HBO link. Enter sign-in details for authentication.

  • You will have to select a service provider from the list.
  • Log in to the account of another service provider with correct username and password. You will be prompted to enter details only once.

From tablet or phone: Open the app on your phone and follow the steps accordingly:

  • Sign-in to the app with username and password.
  • Over to ‘Service provider’ page.
  • Select your account and click ‘Go’. You may be asked to enter account credentials.

Start enjoying the HBO services now on your TV screen. You can watch any video, show or movie of your choice from the HBO currently playing list. If you find that some channels or shows are still blocked, then you can take help from HBO support. The technical team will let you know the exact reason behind it. Feel free to ask any question from technical experts.

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