What 5 Features Make Roku TV A Smart TV?

Roku has always been a first choice for the users in the US who love to use media streaming player. The reason being its installation, configuration and easy streaming of videos from different channels. You can watch as many videos of your choice as you want from Roku smart TV. Roku smart TV is best and reliable media source for entertainment through the internet.

There are mainly 5 features which make Roku TV a smart TV. Let’s find out what are they. Read this post carefully, you will come to know those 5 features which make Roku a smart TV. Roku, in its latest OS update, has released some new functions and features to satisfy the demands of customers. We will also discuss this in our post.

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  • Home screen menus: For complete and flawless entertainment, Roku has provided complete menus on the home screen. You can play, pause, forward and change the channel from the screen only. There is no need to check subscription plans and free content from the drop-down menu. Everything is available on the screen. If you don’t find the content on the screen, you can search them in ‘Search’ option available on the top of the screen.
  • Hollywood movies at night: More than hundreds of Hollywood movies are available for streaming on Roku smart TV. You only need to login to the Roku account, else nothing is required for watching these movies. A popular one like ‘Terminator’, Line of fire’ are available on the top of the list.
  • Roku app companion for mobile: Roku is also offering a Roku app for Android and iOS based OS. By installing this app, you can play content directly from your mobile. Moreover, if you want to mirror the mobile contents to the TV screen, then it is possible with Roku app. You just have to establish the connection between the Roku TV and the smartphone hence everything will be programmed automatically. If you want to listen to the music privately through headphones, then the private listening option is available in this app.
  • Pause live content: In Roku smart TV, you can pause live streaming anytime. If you are busy in the kitchen and don’t want to miss even a single goal of your favorite match, then pause the content for a while and resume playback when you get free from your work. You can pause the content for 90 minutes max. To pause the content, you require a flash drive which can store the content for that time period. You can use 16 GB flash storage for this purpose.
  • Just speak to Roku: Now, instead of changing channels and playback controls with hands, you can just speak to Roku through voice-enabled remote. If your Roku TV doesn’t support voice remote, then you can update the OS version of Roku to 8.1. This feature is available in this OS version. When you command Roku to change the channel, it will process your voice and work accordingly. You can pause, play or forward the content through your voice.

For more information or any query, you can go to support Roku page. A list of ‘Topics’ will be displayed on the screen. You can select the topic of your choice.

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