What Are New Features Included In NVidia Shield TV 6.3 Update?

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NVidia after launching Shield TV has gleaned a lot of applause from all around the corners. The reason why NVidia is so much popular among the users is due to its ability to stream top-quality data without any interruption.

Moreover, the company has rolled out software updates in order to make things more exciting for their users. NVidia knows that they have a huge distance to cover, so they have to act right and act fast because the companies they are competing with have already made a strong reputation in the markets all over the world.

Since the day of its release, NVidia has been adding more and more features into its device with the prime motive of optimizing the performance and to solidify the place of the device in the list of premier media streaming devices. NVidia Shield TV is packed with so many mind-blowing features that users who are using it will not find the need of using any other device. NVidia Shield TV comes with NVidia Shield support, which ensures smooth working of the device.

NVidia Shield TV is getting a new update, but what’s in it for the users?

A news broke out in the past few days regarding the new update that NVidia Shield TV will get in the upcoming days. The latest version, i.e., v6.3 is going to get launched in a matter of a few days, and in that update, the company has boosted the security of the device, added an enhanced playback support, latest Shield accessory firmware updates, improved wireless/Bluetooth performance and various bug fixes.

You can get all these updates by getting in touch with NVidia Shield TV support. Besides these normal tweaks, NVidia has included a broad range of additional features, such as integration of Google Assistant in order to access a number of applications and games.

With this new update, i.e., v6.3, the company has added an ability for its users to view nest cameras using basic voice controls such as, ‘show me the front door camera’. You can easily control more than 1000 smart home devices with the integration of Google Assistant with Shield TV.

With VLC, you can get picture-in-picture feature along with 360-degree video support, and for Plex DVR, you can get rid of commercials from the TV shows that are being broadcasted automatically. If there is any issue in streaming content from Shield TV, then you can take help of NVidia Shield controller support providers.

A number of apps have been updated in that recent update of the Shield TV. If you check the Cartoon Network apps, then you will find that there are many free episodes available on the network, which includes LEGO TV as well. Moreover, the VH1 app has included a number of additional clips and TV shows for the users.

The app can be downloaded by the subscribers of Sirius XM, and after they download the app, they can listen to their favorite content with the help of Shield TV. In order to stream music, videos and unique concerts with uninterrupted audio, people can make Audiophiles to access the Tidal app. If you are not able to access these apps, then you can take NVidia shield TV help from experts.

There have been many other features that the company has included in this update, and it won’t be possible for me to write all those. So, I would request Shield TV owners to update their devices as soon as they can, or the update is going to get installed automatically. With this update, people will be able to watch and listen to some of the new things that they could never expect NVidia Shield TV to stream.

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