What Are Top Six Apps To Install On Amazon Fire TV?

Amazon Fire TV supports a wide range of apps, but there are certain apps that people love using on Amazon Fire TV. Today we are going to discuss a few such apps, so that if you haven’t installed these apps on your Amazon Fire TV, then you can do it right now.

Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick are two amazing devices that make any dumb TV smart. Both devices are packed with some amazing features and are quite affordable. You get to select from a wide range of apps, thus giving you more than enough options in terms of entertainment.

There are certain apps that bode well for Fire TV, but then there are certain apps like Now TV or Sky Go, which don’t play well with the device. We are not going to discuss the flawed apps here, but today, it’s going to be only the best apps that work with Fire TV.

Here are the best Amazon Fire TV apps to look forward to:


Although Amazon would like you to use its own instant video service, that is not that great. So, people move to other streaming apps, where Netflix tops the list.

Netflix is one of those apps that doesn’t need any introduction. We all know what Netflix is and what it is capable of. Netflix comprises of thousands of hours of movies and TV shows that people can get access to by paying a monthly subscription fee. There are many world-class shows and movies available on Netflix, so having this app installed on Fire TV is a must.

BBC iPlayer

Though BBC iPlayer is not as feature-packed as Netflix, you can get this app for free. You can access a number of programmes on this app, but there is a catch. You can also access programmes once it’s been 30 days since they have been broadcasted on the main networks. But, the good thing is that you don’t have to be slaves to TV timetables.


It is not the informative content of BBC that is going to ignite your knowledge, but there is an app named TED TV, which is also effective in opening your brain and providing you the words of wisdom. TED Talk is a world-famous show that has acted as a revelation for people because they found a boatload of information regarding multiple niches.


There is no need to stream content from other people and to help you out with that, there is an app named ‘Plex’, which you can install. With this app, you can install all your existing photos, videos and music file up onscreen with your Amazon Fire TV.

You can make use of your PC to act as a media server, and the rest will be taken care by Plex. The app is going to find your media collection and beam it onto the TV screen. You don’t need any pen drive or any cable for completing the process.


This is an open source software that is designed to fetch content from your PC and/or the internet onto your TV screen.


If all above-mentioned apps bore you at one time, then don’t forget, you have got YouTube to entertain you. There are 300 hours of content uploaded on YouTube every hour, which you can enjoy free of cost. YouTube is one of the most sought-after apps for those who love watching content through media streaming devices.

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