What Different Problems You Can Encounter On Your Roku Express Model?

Roku is a brand in media streaming world which offers a number of products starting from $29.99 to $129.99. Roku caters to the needs of every individual in one way or another.

However, like other electronic gadgets, Roku express is also not without any problem. This the reason why we are writing this post to help you fix some of the common problems encountered on your phone. If you are getting the problem with your Roku Express, then keep reading this post.

1st problem: Issue with Roku remote

All Roku products almost come with IR remote but Roku premiere and ultra come with Wi-Fi remote which helps you to communicate with the device from any point. If you are getting the problem in connecting the remote to the device, then the following solution must be implemented.

Solutions: The first thing to do is, check the batteries of your remote whether properly inserted or not. If yes, then is there enough power available in it.

If there is a frequent drop in the connection, then you can try setting the remote again by pairing it again. For this, disconnect the player and remove batteries from the compartment. Press A and B buttons of the remote. Press home and down buttons if available on your remote. Now press pairing button along with it. Release all buttons once you notice LED on pairing screen. You will find 3 more LED’s in a row. Now connect the Player and press the pairing button again from the remote. A pairing message will be flashed on the screen immediately after this.

2nd problem: No audio with the videos

Some users are getting the problem with the sound. They are unable to listen to the sound while playing videos from Roku express.

Solution: This happens due to wrong settings enabled or configured by default. For this, you need to go to ‘Audio settings’ followed by output mode. If you are using ‘S/DIF (optical) cable for the audio receiver, then try settings the audio to Dolby digital. Whereas, if you have connected the HDMI to TV and Dolby digital, then change the mode to DD+.

3rd problemRed light glowing on Roku express

If you find RED light glowing on Roku express, then you can try the below-mentioned solution.

Solution: The RED light on the device means not enough power is available for its operation. You might have connected the device to the power strip or protector. To troubleshoot this, you must connect the Roku directly to the outlet. If you find success after this, you need to change the power strip. You must ensure that you are using the right cable and power adapter for powering on your Roku express.

4th problem: Time to reset Roku

If all the above-mentioned tricks don’t work for you, then you can try resetting Roku. For this, you need to follow the steps mentioned here in the next passage. Resetting a device solves a number of issues.

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Steps to be followed to perform a soft reset

This method implies only in a condition when you are able to access navigation menu from Roku remote. Go to ‘Settings’ followed by ‘Advanced system settings’. Click on ‘Factory reset’. When you click on this option, everything will set to default. Now, if you want to access channels again, you need to enter the information again in the fields given. All the information stored previously will get delete.

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