What Is Netflix Error 1006 And How To Resolve It?

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Netflix is the best streaming app, and there is no one who could challenge this. Many things make Netflix the best in the world besides content. Things like more than 90 percent uptime, a reliable support, and a constant effort to remain at the top make Netflix the most reliable streaming app in the world. But, that doesn’t mean Netflix is immune to technical errors as things like ‘error 1006’ can arise on the platform.

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Netflix has been witnessing an error, i.e., Error 1006 especially in Apple iPhone. Due to this error, people are not being able to watch their favorite movies and TV shows. They don’t know how this issue has appeared on the platform, let alone fixing it.

The problem surfaces due to poor internet connection or a complete blackout of the internet. Having a strong internet connection is of paramount importance because if the internet is not good, then forget using Netflix Help. The easiest way of resolving bad internet connection problem is by getting all other devices off the router/modem because the internet will work smoothly if there are fewer devices connected to the network.

If you are dealing with Error 1006 on your Netflix, then you shouldn’t worry because there is always a solution to a problem, and all you have to do is find that right solution in the right place at the right time.

  1. You should begin by rebooting the device on which Netflix is being used. In order to fix this problem, you need to reboot your iPhone that has Netflix installed in it. To reboot your phone, you need to press ‘power’ button, wait for a few minutes followed by turning the device back on. With this, your smartphone’s memory is going to refresh, and all the problematic programs will perform normally.
  2. You can also reset network settings of the wireless connection that you are using. To do so, you can follow below-mentioned steps:
    1. Open ‘settings’ menu on your iPhone.
    2. In ‘Settings’, click ‘General’ option.
    3. Click ‘Reset’ option and then, you will see all the network settings changing to factory defaults.
    4. You should try playing any video on Netflix, and if it is played normally, then your Netflix has returned to normal.
  3. You can also reinstall Netflix as sometimes, the issue is in the app and people try all other steps but reinstalling Netflix. Uninstall the current app, download a fresh copy and install that into your smartphone.
  4. You can also hard reset your smartphone but only get to this option if all other options fail to fix the problem. In order to hard reset your Apple iPhone, here is what you are going to do:
    1. Press ‘Home’ button of your iPhone and then, press ‘power’ button. With this, the ‘reset’ menu is going to open and then, you will have to click ‘turn off’ option. There is no option of hard reset in iPhone. So, you can only turn it off an on.
    2. Reset ‘network’ settings.

If you are still seeing Error 1006 on Netflix, then you need to get in touch with experts of Technical Bulls. They will be able to assist you in the most suitable manner.

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