What Is The Process Of Fixing ‘Netflix Stream Stuck’ Problem?

Netflix, after it was introduced into the online market, has taken everybody by surprise. From the initial DVR service to the current streaming model, the evolution of Netflix is truly remarkable because Netflix has overcome all odds to become the number one streaming service in the world.

The way that Netflix has become an integral part of our lives is truly spectacular to watch. Back in the day, we were watching normal cable TV, which used to show us what it got, and we had no option to choose to watch as per our choice. Now, with the advent of Netflix, we can watch our favorite content in the easiest of the ways. Moreover, Netflix is available on cross platforms, so there is no restriction as to which type of device would support Netflix.

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Netflix is a brand to trust upon when it comes to quality content because the company invests billions of dollars on original content. Moreover, Netflix works smoothly on all the major streaming devices, let it be Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Google Chromecast, NVidia Shield TV or any other streaming device.

But, the entire convenience that Netflix has in the offing turns into a big disappointment when problems like ‘streaming got stuck’ appears. In the first glimpse, the problem seems have to appear because of poor internet connection, as the entire functioning of Netflix is based upon how well the internet connection is, but it could be some other problem as well.

Why ‘Streaming got stuck’ problem appears on Netflix.

Check internet connection

Restart your modem and/or router. Then, check if you can stream from other streaming apps. If restarting the modem/router doesn’t make the internet work, then you will have to reset both devices. If Netflix works after resetting modem/router, then that concludes the troubleshooting process for you.

Check the streaming device

Check the device on which you use Netflix. If using Netflix on a smartphone, then you may have to clear temporary files on the phone and then, restart the device. If the problem persists, then uninstall and reinstall Netflix app. You can lower down the streaming quality to make videos play smoothly. If no steps fix the problem, then consult your ISP.

Can’t Netflix via Chromecast

If you use Chromecast to access Netflix, then you can fix ‘streaming got stuck’ problem by pressing and holding ‘reset’ button on Chromecast for 20 seconds. After that try to play anything from Netflix.

Netflix not working on Smart TV

If this Netflix problem is coming while you are playing any video on your Smart TV, then you need to unplug your TV from the power supply for 3-5 minutes. Plug the power cable into the power mains, uninstall and reinstall Netflix app on TV. If this doesn’t work, then reset TV settings to factory defaults.

Netflix ‘streaming stuck’ problem arising in Xbox One/360

If Netflix is not working properly on your Xbox One or Xbox 360, then reset app settings and then, restart Xbox. If the issue exists, then uninstall Netflix app and then, follow below-mentioned steps:

  1. Open ‘Xbox Dashboard’.
  2. Select ‘apps’ and then, select ‘my apps’.
  3. Select ‘Netflix app’ followed by pressing the ‘X’ button for app details.
  4. Select ‘Delete’ and then, press ‘yes’ to confirm.
  5. Following Netflix app uninstallation, go to Xbox dashboard and install the Netflix app again.

To confirm DNS settings of Xbox device, here are the steps that you need to follow:

  1. Go to ‘settings’ followed by ‘system settings’.
  2. Select ‘Network settings’ now.
  3. Select a network followed by clicking ‘configure network’.
  4. Choose ‘DNS settings’ and then, choose ‘automatic’.

Restart Xbox now and try to play a video on Netflix. If the problem doesn’t solve, then you will have to take help of Netflix Help and support providers.

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