What New Features and App Updates Will Be Integrated into NVidia Shield TV After 6.3. Update?

NVidia Shield TV is doing exceptionally well in the market. The company, after seeing the response has launched back to back updates with each one having something new to offer to the users. Let us find out what this new 6.3 update brings for the users.

NVidia Shield TV is a device that needs no introduction. The device has made a strong statement around the world that it is a mainstay in the field of streaming devices. Moreover, NVidia Shield TV has garnered praises from all corners of the world because it offers such amazing features, which are nowhere else to be found.

The company after launching the product has released many software updates, with each one of those improving the status of the device. You can take an idea from the fact that NVidia has steadily added a number of features after the launch of the product. The performance of the device has been improved significantly as well, and the company is fast approaching towards the throne of being the premier media streamer.

A lot of credit must be given to NVidia Shield TV support for keeping up with the issues of the users. Many have already given the status of a premium media streaming device to this device, but I believe it is still too early to come to any conclusion because the world of digital streaming is growing at a rapid pace.

A new update for NVidia Shield TV: What it offers

NVidia has released a new update, i.e., v6.3 in which the company has rolled out a range of security updates, enhanced Bluetooth/Wireless performance, extra playback support and added the most recent shield accessory firmware updates or you can say ‘bug fixes’. There won’t be any need to get in touch with NVidia Shield support anymore because all bugs have been fixed. But, these are called the normal tweaks because NVidia has added a number of exciting features, such as integration of Google Assistant, which will allow users to access some extra apps and games easily.

With this update, people will be able to view Nest Cameras without much of an effort. They just have to say simple voice controls like ‘show me kid’s room camera’, and the device will do that. You will be surprised to know that the Google Assistant integration in the Shield TV will allow people to control more than a thousand home devices. If there is any issue in accessing this voice assistant feature, then take NVidia Shield controller support from experts.

Besides this feature, there are also a number of app updates. If you are fond of watching shows on Cartoon Network, then you can watch free episodes of a few shows such as LEGO TV. If you like seeing VH1 content, then you can get the VH1 app and get access to a number of shows and clips. You can also access Tidal to stream your favorite music, videos, and concerts without losing any audio at all. If you have taken the subscription of Sirius XM, then you can download the application and listen to your favorite service through NVidia Shield TV. If you experience any problem, then get in touch with NVidia Shield TV help and support providers.

You will find many more app updates and features integrated into the device. I can’t list them all because the list is endless. It is important for NVidia Shield TV owners to update their devices in order to enjoy all these features. Shield TV is the product to buy for entertainment seekers, so they mustn’t wait to get this 6.3 update.

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