What to Do If You Don’t See Any Video from Roku Device on Your TV?

Are you using Roku device for meeting your daily dose of entertainment? If yes, then do you know what to do if you don’t see a video on your TV after powering on the device? Well, instead of experimenting things, you can read this blog post in order to get the video back.

What to do when there is no video from Roku on the TV?

The first thing that you have to check is that your Roku player is connected directly to your television. If you are using an AVR or a sound bar to listen to the audio, then you will have to disconnect it and directly connect it to the TV. With this, it will be easier for you to fix an issue with the AVR or sound bar, and also help you fix the video problem easily.

Turn on your TV followed by pressing any button on the Roku remote control. This will confirm whether or not the Roku device is on a standby or screensaver mode.

What are the possible reasons for not being able to see the video on the TV?

You have chosen the wrong input on your TV

  1. Perhaps the most common of all the reasons, the wrong selection of video input can be resolved easily. The majority of TVs have several video inputs on the side or back of the TV, which are used for connected different gadgets such as Roku player, gaming console, cable box and many others. Check the input corresponding to the port to which the Roku player is connected. Select that video input and you will be able to see the video.
  2. The way of changing inputs can vary from brand and model of TV, but most often, you’re going to get the option of changing inputs on the TV’s remote control. You can follow the instructions that came along with the TV or try below-mentioned steps:
  1. Find a button on the TV’s remote control that says ‘source’, ‘input’, ‘video’, ‘AUX’, ‘TV/Video’ or something similar to these. After you press this button, you will see multiple options from which you can choose the right input.
  2. If it cycles through the inputs, then you should wait for a few seconds after pressing one button, so as to allow the TV to detect the video.
  3. If you see a menu, then make use of arrow buttons that are given on the TV remote control to select the right input followed by pressing ‘select’ or ‘enter’ (depending upon what you see). Select each input at a time and wait for 10 seconds between each input presses so as to give time to the TV to detect the video.
  4. In both cases, if you are not able to see the video, then you are going to see a message on the screen such as ‘No signal detected’ or ‘No video’.

Video cable isn’t connected properly or maybe the cable is faulty

  1. You need to check whether all the cables to the back of Roku device are connected properly. If using Roku streaming stick, then the device itself should be connected properly to the HDMI connector.
  2. If there is any faulty cable, then you will have to replace it with a new one.

Something’s wrong with the TV

  1. Try to connect your Roku player to a different input on the TV to confirm if the issue is with the TV’s connector.
  2. If you think the problem is in Roku player, then connect it to a different TV. This will give you a better idea as to whether the issue is in Roku player or the TV.

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