What’re the Right Steps to Setup Roku Express +?

Don’t know how to setup Roku Express +? Follow the steps that are written below, and you will be able to set up this device easily.

Those who have bought Roku Express + want to know how to set up this device in the easiest of the ways. Well, today we are going to discuss this particular aspect, so read the below-given information carefully.

But, first of all, it is important for us to clear one important doubt from the minds of the users, i.e., ‘will Roku Express + work with my TV?’

Yes, it will. Roku Express + will work with any TV in a smooth fashion. You just need to have an HDMI cable and HDMI port on the TV. If you have these two things, then even God doesn’t stop you from streaming content from your Roku to your TV. We will suggest that you should use a high-speed HDMI cable or a composite video cable with Roku Express +.

How to set up Roku Express +?

1. Start off with connecting your Roku Express + with the TV using an HDMI cable. Select the right input on the TV that you think your Roku is connected to. If you have chosen the right input, then you will see Roku logo on the TV screen after Roku Express + powers on.

Going through the guided setup

  1. Selecting the right language
  1. After powering on the Roku device, the first screen that you’ll see is going to display the language selection menu. All the text and apps that you see in the future will be displayed in that particular language.
  2. To choose a language, scroll up and down the list followed by pressing ‘OK’ button on the Roku remote.

Connect Roku device to your internet network

  1. You need to choose your internet network from the list of networks. Enter the password for that network. Make sure that the internet that you will connect your Roku with should be the same that you are using on your computer or smartphone. If you don’t see your network, then get in touch with your internet service provider.
  2. Enter the password carefully in order to avoid any issue later on.
  3. After entering the password and clicking ‘connect’, you will see your Roku Express + get connected to the internet automatically.

Let Roku Express + download the latest software

  1. After connecting to the internet, you will see that Roku Express + downloading the latest version of Roku operating system software followed by rebooting itself.

Set the display type

  1. If you are using HDMI, then make sure to select ‘set display type’. Your Roku Express + will detect the best display resolution automatically. There is no need to configure the settings manually. If you are not satisfied with the current display, then you can change it later by going to ‘settings’ and then, ‘display type’.

Create Roku account and also, activate the device

  1. To be able to use all the features of Roku Express +, you need to activate the device and for that, you will have to create an account on Roku. Having an account on Roku will help you keep a track of all the Roku devices you own. Plus, you will be able to add free channels and buy paid ones.

After activating the Roku device, your Roku Express + will be ready to use.

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