What’s the Process of Mounting Network Storage to Nvidia Shield TV?

Buying NVidia Shield TV means buying a world-class product, which can stream videos in the best of the qualities. People who are using NVidia Shield TV are satisfied with its functioning. But, there is one thing that they are looking to know and i.e., how to mount network storage to their NVidia Shield TV.

It is possible for people to mount network storage to NVidia Shield TV, but there are certain steps that they will have to follow in order to do so. There is no need to just use storage that is given inside the device or a storage that is physically attached to NVidia Shield TV.

You can attach your NVidia Shield TV to the network attached storage. So, if you are using a NAS at home, then you can use network storage to store your personal media files. If you don’t know how you will look into that storage and access it, then let me tell you that it is a simple process. You just have to follow certain steps in order see network storage from your NVidia Shield TV. If there is any issue, then you can take NVidia Shield controller support from experts.

  1. Open ‘settings’.
  2. Select ‘storage & reset’.
  3. After selecting that option, you will have to select ‘network storage’.
  4. You need to select your drive from the list of ‘available network storage’.
  5. After selecting your drive, click on ‘connect as a registered user’.
  6. You will now have to enter your username and password for that attached drive.

I am assuming that you have successfully performed the process, so now, you will see your connected drive being displayed on the Shield TV, and you can easily access your files. Though you will feel this kind of storage to be less elegant than Plex or Kodi, if you just want a network storage to keep all your files, then this product is for you. Know more about it by contacting NVidia Shield TV help. If you want, you can also connect as a guest, given your drive allows you to do so. But, if there are any restrictions imposed by the network storage, then those will be translated to the Shield. You can’t get rid of those restrictions, even if you take help of NVidia Shield support.

If you want to allow apps on your Shield TV to access files that are stored on the drive attached to your network, then that’s possible with it. Once you perform the initial setup process and also logged in with the right passwords, then your NVidia Shield TV is going to remember those passwords so that when you open the network storage, it opens up automatically. This will avoid the process of authentication each time you connect your apps to the connected storage. If you need any assistance, then you can get in touch with NVidia Shield TV support providers. They will guide you in the right way.

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