Why Am I Not Being Able To Control The Volume And Power Of My TV With Roku Enhance Remote?

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There are some Roku models which come with Enhance remote with which you can control the power and volume of your TV even. It uses infrared and wireless technology to connect to it. However, if you are not being able to control the TV menus, then you need to diagnose it and troubleshoot it accordingly.

With the help of some tips and tricks, you can fix the problem easily. We have been receiving continuous complaints from users in which they have mentioned that ‘I am unable to power on and control the volume of the TV with Roku enhance remote’.

First of all, to start with the troubleshooting steps, you need to know whether your device has enhanced remote or not. If you don’t know about it, then you can open the online guidelines available on the Roku support page. If the TV volume and power buttons are given on the remote, then it means your Roku supports enhanced remote.

Why am I not able to hear sound during configuration?

If you are getting sound problem while performing the setup, then there are some steps which needs to be followed for fixing it.

  • The device connected to the Roku player must support HDMI audio input. If you have connected any device having no inbuilt speakers, then you will not get any sound.

Why am I facing problem in muting the music from Roku enhance remote?

If you are trying to mute the music with the help of Roku but getting the problem with it, then you need to follow the on-screen instructions mentioned on the support page. If this doesn’t solve your purpose, then you can try the below mentioned steps for further help and support.

  1. Restrict the number of devices connected to the Roku at one time: If more than one device is connected to the Roku player at the same time, then check the devices and disconnect all at a time. Connect only one device at a time and check if the problem is resolved or not.
  2. Some TV brands in the market don’t support the Roku enhanced remote feature.

Why my Roku enhanced remote is controlling only a single menu at a time means either power or volume but not both at the same time?

The TV’s available and developed by different companies in the market supports different coding for hooking up with the media player remote. If you are trying to use the same code for more than one TV brand, then you may find this problem. It is better to read the TV manufacturer guide before connecting the Roku remote to the TV. If the code is available in the guide, then apply the same code on the remote.

Check whether the remote is hot and not easy to hold

If the Roku remote is hot from behind, then wait for some time and follow the steps in the same pattern.

  • Leave remote on a table for a while.
  • If you are placing a remote on a flammable surface, then it’s wrong. Do place it on the tile or on a wooden surface. The batteries must not be removed.

This is all about the troubleshooting steps. We hope you might have understood the steps. For more query or information, you are free to contact support executives available on the Roku support helpline.

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