Why Are People Unable To Send Or Receive Emails From Bellsouth Email Configured On Samsung Galaxy S7?

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People using Bellsouth email are not being able to send or receive emails in their Bellsouth email account that is configured with the Samsung email app of their Galaxy S7. They don’t know as to what has caused the problem, but they surely want to get rid of it because this problem is resulting in huge losses for them.

Samsung Galaxy S7 was once the flagship smartphone of the company. It remained as such for a year or so, but then Galaxy S8 appeared, and took the baton from Galaxy S7. But that doesn’t mean Galaxy S7 has hung up its boots. It is still very much available in the market, and people from all around the world are using it. Samsung Galaxy S7 is a fast and reliable smartphone that offers a wide range of features to its customers.

In terms of performance, it is among the top five smartphones that Samsung currently has. But, there has been a strange issue that people have experienced while using the email app as of late. They were not able to send or receive emails on the Samsung email app. Some think that they might have changed something in the security settings because all email accounts usually stop syncing at the same time.

People said that they have configured their emails in the right way, yet the issue persists. The problem is particularly appearing in Bellsouth email Login, despite the fact that they are adding the right POP and SMTP servers and passwords. They think that the problem has surfaced after they put fingerprint settings on the phone, which accidentally lead to activation or deactivation of one of the security settings.

Solution to this problem:

The first thing that needs to be done here is to check if the Bellsouth email is working or not. For this, they will have to access the email on the web browser. They will have to log into their Bellsouth email using the right username and password. If they are not able to access their email from the web browser as well, then there is something wrong with the email itself. At that point, they will have to get in touch with Bellsouth email support. If the email can be accessed from the web browser, then they will have to troubleshoot their Galaxy S7 smartphone.

The troubleshooting of the phone begins by checking whether the email settings are correct or not. They have to make sure that the POP and SMTP server settings and ports used are absolutely correct. They can confirm the same by calling at Bellsouth email help and support facility.

If the settings are correct, yet the issue persists, then they will have to delete their Bellsouth Email Account from their Galaxy S7 smartphone. They will have to restart their phone and then, set up Bellsouth email account again.

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